Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No One Wall Should Have All That Power!

We're going to go ahead and pat ourselves on the back for this one! Not too long ago, we debuted our moving buffet. People loved its mobility, style, and the ability to use it as a divider. So we got to thinking, what if we took the concept of a divider and put the good old fashion Eastern spin on it! Viola! We present to you our Power Wall.

The Power Wall. An extremely portable, durable, and customizable divider. Meant to create elements of privacy, while also providing an elegant display functionality. The entire set up is color customizable and can display your company's logo and so much more! We've debuted it at the NRA Show in Chicago, and it's already a hit! Its perfect and practical for any occasion!

We don't have it available online just yet, but if you contact one of our Sales Reps, they'll have all the information ready for you! You can find the locator by checking out the link below!

SALES REP LOCATOR: http://easterntabletop.com/sales-rep-locator.aspx

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