Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hit all the right notes with Xylo!

Hold the phone! You haven't heard about Xylo yet? Well here's the deal, ever feel like your catering company is lacking that pop!? It's like you want to stand out, but when you look at your buffets, it's a1 food being held on bland copper or stainless steel.

Don't get us wrong, we love a good stainless steel finish, but sometimes you just need to break up the monotony of it all! Xylo lets you do that! 

Basically Xylo is a color application that allows you to color/accent your dishes to nearly any color you could ask for! Have a red wedding coming up? Now you can have matching iron throne quality, steel chafing dishes to match!

Through out this post we have Xylo Dishes spread out! They're all in black, for our friends at Wayne Industries, I wonder why. 

For more information on Xylo, you can  check out the PSF below or contact one of our Reps using our Rep Finder also located below!

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